Dump Semi Trailer

Dump trailers are a type of specialized semi-trailer designed to haul debris, building materials, logs, boulders, rough matter, etc. Dump trailers can be divided into two categories according to the purpose: a class of heavy and overweight dump trailers belonging to non-public road transport mainly undertake large mines, engineering and other transportation tasks, usually and excavators. Another type of light-type ordinary dump truck belonging to road transport mainly undertakes lane cargo transportation such as sandstone, soil, coal, usually used with loaders.

Features of Dump Semi Trailers

1. The carriage uses rollover and then turning into the removal method, and the transport efficiency of the loading and unloading machine transport bulk zeroing goods can be effectively improved.
2, The frame and the carrier are welded by high quality manganese plates, and there are two kinds of trunk and rectangles. It has high strength, strong lift, stiffness, toughness, strong load capacity, and does not occur permanent deformation.
3, The process is excellent: the main components are processed by advanced equipment. The vertical beam has a fully automatic submerged arc welding, and the assembly machine is used to perform the axle and the precise assembly of the steel spring.

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