Bulk Cement Semi Trailer

The powder material transport semi-trailer is a special vehicle for large amounts of dust materials (bulk cement) transportation, generally applicable to regions that have been counted in strict accordance with national regulations, which are generally between 35-45. Suitable for transport and air pressure unloading of fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, etc.
Bulk cement semi trailer is a self-supplied engine power to drive the car air compressor by a striker, and the compressed air is fed into the gas chamber of the lower portion of the sealed can body through the pipe, so that the cement is suspended on a fluidized bed. When the pressure of the tank reaches the rated value, open the unloading butterfly valve, the fluidized cement flows through the pipeline. Adopt domestic advanced process production, novel design, and durable. The air bag is large, and the residual amount of unloading speed is small. One synthetic tank has the characteristics of high integral strength, good rigidity, good pressure, and good use performance. The inner fluidized bed design is scientifically, the arrangement is reasonable, and the discharge time can be effectively reduced, reaching 1.4T/min, improves the volume utilization of the can body, reducing the residual rate, and the residual rate is 0.2%. The powder material transporter tank is used in a double cone tilt structure, a dual tube intake, a binoclade, its discharge speed, and the residual rate meet the industry standard requirements.
Bulk cement semi trailer is mainly used in cement plants, cement warehouses and large construction sites, saving a large amount of packaging materials and loading and unloading.

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